Browned Butter Pecan Mini-Tarts
My dad used to say, “The higher they go, the farther they fall.”  He was typically referring to somebody super excited about something one minute and lower than a snake soon thereafter.

I had a similar up-one-minute-down-the-next problem with these lovely little tarts. See picture below. Like a normal pecan pie, the filling would puff up while baking akin to a marshmallow in a Mason jar when vacuum-packed. (By the way, that’s a cool little science experiment to amuse the kids the next time they’re bored.) Unfortunately, as the tarts cooled and the filling deflated, they looked like an alien had nibbled out of the middle. The same thing happens to full-size pecan pies, too, but the effect is more pronounced in a small tart.

pecan mini-tarts with craters.jpg

This picture is for my friends who think everything I make turns out perfectly. NOT SO! 

Just in time for Thanksgiving, I figured out a solution!! Click here for the recipe and more…


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Straining with coffee filter-5.jpg


Using cheesecloth to strain yogurt is so “old school.” I know, I know…..some people say it’s not that much trouble, but I disagree. You have to scrape off any left-behind yogurt without getting it on your hands, rinse, wash, dry, fold, and store the cloth when you’re done. No thank you. I prefer throw-away or the dishwasher for this task.

My solution has always been a high-quality bouillon strainer, but my favorite one is pricey. It works great until you make a batch of thin yogurt (sad face) that flows right through it. Click here for more details…


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Frosted Lemon Greek Yogurt Cookies-46.jpg

Frosted Lemon Cookies made with Greek yogurt

I knew who she was. I read one of her latest cookbooks a couple of months ago. But after meeting her in person, I am a huge fan of Giada of Food Network fame.

We recently attended a convention in Las Vegas related to my husband’s job. I tagged along to get out of town. Although Vegas is close to the bottom of my list of favorite vacation spots, two events were memorable.

One was the Donny and Marie show. Loved it and highly recommend it if you enjoy clean, fun, and slightly retro entertainment. Click here for the rest of the story and recipe…


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Salad in a Jar Photos-4.jpg

Chopped romaine and radicchio lettuce vacuum-packed to lasting freshness and no brown edges

Have you ever wondered if the salad-in-a-jar lady still vacuum-packs her lettuce? Does she really eat it every day?

What possessed her to start a blog about the whole idea of vacuum-packing lettuce anyway? Read More


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using whey to make yogurt

Making yogurt at home is a magical experience when it works right.

Making yogurt at home is not an exact science, which means it can be accomplished seemingly a million and one ways. If you’ve never tried to make yogurt before, see this post to get started using my method. After you’ve made a successful batch, come back and read about this variation. This is my answer to a lot of questions I’ve been getting lately about recycling whey. (FYI for yogurt newbies:  Whey is that yellowish liquid that rises to the top of yogurt. Many people stir it back in, but I prefer to drain it off. The result is Greek yogurt….and lots of leftover whey.)

Click here for more.


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